My Statement Of Intent When Applying For The Ph.d Essay

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In my statement of intent when applying for the Ph.D. dual degree program at Penn State last year, I stated, my interest is researching visual culture and imagery of Black female artists expressed in diverse societies; in everyday life, in art education, and from feminist perspectives. These areas still reflect my general interest both as an artist, educator, and researcher. I have first-hand experiences of being marginalized based one’s race and gender, also, being stereotyped based on the imagery in the media. The steps I took this year of concentrated study in Art Education and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies have all led me to honor my voice as a Black female, artist, and art educator.
My first year as a Ph.D. student, in the fall of 2015 was filled with gaining new knowledge and new possibilities; I remain very enthusiastic. Studio art practice theoretical discourse intrigued me (Sullivan, 2006 & 2014; Haywood, 2010). Even with my background as a visual and a digital art teacher in a Career Technical Education (CTE) environment, I did not realize or consider how theory could possibly apply to the arts based action research I was conducting (Knochel & Patton, 2015; Marshall, 2014; Tavin, 2003). In coursework, I wanted to expand beyond my familiarity as an artist and art educator. The articles and books I read on art theorists opened me to the possibilities of what I would learn and apply to my research.
After concluding my second semester of doctoral studies, I…

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