My Spiritual Growth At Terrace Essay

1348 Words Aug 31st, 2016 6 Pages
Spirituality is the belief in the existence of something greater than us, a concept that has a variety of meanings throughout history. It could be ones search for ‘sacred’ meaning in their life, personal growth, or an experience with their inner self. The expression of spirituality at Terrace extends back to the initial creation of the school. At St Josephs Gregory Terrace, the idea of spirituality plays a momentous role in the devolvement and introduction of students into the Terrace gentleman and moreover, the Terrace community. My spiritual growth at Terrace since 2010 has significantly developed and has been encouraged by a myriad of activities throughout the school. The person I am today and both religious have shaped my subsequent growth and secular activates within the school. Some religious rituals include the daily prayer and the Induction mass. Some secular rituals and symbols include the Waterford experience and sport war cries. Furthermore, throughout this essay, I will explore the expressions that have the most meaning to me, and conclusively, how spirituality can be broadened in the Terrace community by providing recommendations.

Spirituality can be defined in two clear ways, Spiritual but not religious, and furthermore spirituality integrated within ones religious identify. Spiritual but not religious (secular) can be defined as the inialsim used for self-identify a life path or stance of spirituality, that allows further spiritual growth. Additionally, it…

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