Personal Reflection Essay: My Field Experiences

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I was blessed with a reading buddy that sings almost as well as he reads. This semester, my field experience consisted of tutoring sessions with an individual third grader. My partner was Jayden, a blonde hair and blue eyed fellow. I set up lesson plans for twice a week for seven weeks. I got to know my reading buddy and what makes him special. While experiencing sessions with Jayden I learned what he is good at when it come to reading and writing. I took inventory on which preferences he has along with his parents knowledge of what Jayden likes. I made note of what Jayden struggled with as well through spelling inventory and listening to his reading. I couldn’t use my running records on my buddy Jayden because of his absence one day. I took …show more content…
He doesn’t like academic reading all that much either, but he likes academic more than recreational reading. He scored a 15 on recreational; although he does like getting a book for a present, starting a new book, reading instead of playing, going to a bookstore, and reading different books. During Jayden’s academic reading he scored 21. He scored two points for almost all but, reading out loud in class, and taking a reading test. I don’t know how accurate the survey is. Every time we start to read Jayden volunteers to read first and continues to want to read, whether it 's in front of just me or London …show more content…
I had to give him an ultimatum for requiring the signature to complete his beautiful book. I wish I would 've gotten it back earlier because it would have given me more information about him. Jayden’s parents filled out the form asking questions about his reading. He described his love to act out and talk in a voice that the character in the book sounds like. I loved reading that because I noticed that same joy Jayden has reading our poems everyday. Jayden adds in extra excitement when it comes to reading different characters. He reads 4-5 times a week for pleasure at home. This past summer prior to 3rd grade he read 30 books this summer. According to his parents, Jayden is interested in informational and nonfiction books. His beautiful book proved this as correct because it was definitely on the fictional side. As I already knew Jayden enjoys topics of animals, his parents put as an example: sharks. I didn’t use many activities with sharks but

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