My Speech On Street Law Essay examples

1682 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
As I sit back and reflect on my time in law school, one of my proudest accomplishments is seeing how much I’ve grown as a public speaker, but something weird happened Wednesday afternoon. After completely bombing my presentation during the students’ visit to SJU I tried to make sense of what happened. The last time I was that nervous during a presentation was freshman year of college, my first public speech in a Communications class. On Wednesday, before the speech I wasn’t nervous, as I walked to the front of the room I wasn’t nervous, but when I finally opened my mouth and introduced myself, it hit me and I could barely speak – we’re at the finish line. Street Law is over, the semester is over, and law school is over, where did the time go? Street Law has been an unbelievable experience, one unlike any I’ve had before and one unlike any I’ll experience again. First and foremost, I want to say thank you to a few individuals. Before the semester ends I need to thank Annie Yang and Ashley Zangara for encouraging me to join the program. The two of them spoke so highly about Street Law, that I felt compelled to join and now that the semester is over I have followed suit -- I have been and will continue to endorse the programs to others. Next, I want to say thank you to you Professor Montana. Thank you for letting me take part in what you call your baby. I know I applied very late in the process, and I apologize for that, I also asked if you could accommodate my schedule…

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