My Senior Year Of High School Essay

806 Words Sep 21st, 2015 4 Pages
After dropping out of my first Spanish class part way through the semester, then deciding to retake the class after a year was probably a mistake. Spanish wasn’t my strong suit, I never cared for learning another language, especially if it involved working. My senior year of high school was all about doing as little as possible while still maintaining a good enough grade to graduate. Spanish was challenging in the sense that I actually had to work for my grade and participate in class activities. Spanish class taught me a lot more than just another language even though there were many struggles throughout the semester.
Walking into Spanish class for the first was just like every regular class. Brick walls and a couple windows to make the room look less like a prison. The only differences were classmates and a teacher who had a thick Puerto Rican accent. I never liked school much so to make the best of it, I had a group of friends in each class to stir up some trouble. The bell rang and class had started a made a quick couple of friends, Augusto and Pablo. Our teacher, Profe Male soon began to go over the rules and assignments; our first assignment was a skit using only the words we learned before coming into this class. I grouped up with Augusto and Pablo, being the oldest of the group I was put in charge. They were both young and immature, but I was starting my senior year of high school and didn’t want to do any work. We talked for most of the class period before ever…

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