My Senior Year Of High School Essay

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It was my first paper of my senior year of high school, and I was writing it for a teacher that was very intimidating. Other students had told me that if you didn’t sit right, talk right, and have perfect grammar that Mrs. King, the English teacher, would tear me apart and fail me. Since I was intimidated by her I wanted to write a paper that would blow her away. I wanted to get on her good side so that she wouldn’t tear me apart and fail me, like I believed she would. The topic of the paper she assigned was, “What three school rules do you want to change and why?” This bland topic made it very difficult to write a slam dunk, out of the park paper; never the less I had to try.
I sat around thinking for hours of a way to spice up my paper and make it stand out from the rest of my class. When all of the sudden it hit me, I was going to write a satire! I was going to find some of the most reasonable and needed rules in the handbook and try to convince her that they needed to be changed. I flipped to the index and decided to write about the rules against gangs, drugs, and alcohol. The rules clearly stated in a long and lawful manner that all of these were strictly prohibited on campus and listed the punishments that would be inflicted if any student where to break these rules.
I wrote about the rules against gangs first. I wrote that gangs were good because they could get all of the children involved in the community, which would raise the children 's confidence. I also wrote…

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