Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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Prejudging the Mockingbirds
The book To Kill a Mockingbird we see situations of injustice to specific communities. In the early nineteen thirties, which is when the book takes place, it is not uncommon to see many cases of racial and prejudice acts. Harper Lee uses a little girl named Jean Louise Finch or better known as Scout to narrate her story and to help readers better understand all of the wrongdoings happening in the lower class white community and the African American community in Maycomb. Not only does Lee use Scout to help the readers see the persecution these groups face, but also as Hovet, Theodore R. and Grace-Ann Hovet state in Fine Fancy Gentlemen and Yappy Folk “This developmental paradigm, so central to American narratives,
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The usage of satire in this book is so that the readers can better understand why the underclass are making these types of decisions. It also helps explain why people like to jump to conclusions. An example of satire is when Miss Caroline scolded Scout for already knowing how to read. This is confusing to both Scout and the readers. Why would a teacher tell her student not to read? Wouldn’t Scout not knowing how to read make her become ignorant just like the Ewells? “For this reason, the narrator would have us believe, the unjust treatment of African Americans like Tom Robinson is not the fault of the leaders of southern society like her father, the judge, and the newspaper editor. It is the product of an uneducated and irresponsible class of poor whites who use physical intimidation and mob rule to defend what little status they have left” to quote Theodore R. and Grace-Ann Hovet. Also there is an instance when Calpurinia or better known as Cal takes Jem and Scout to her church and they are treated with disgust and hate because they assume them to be like every other white person in Maycomb. That is until they realize that there are Atticus’ children. In the nineteen thirties African American children were not granted the same educational system as the white students and they were also segregated. This means that the people of the church would not have the knowledge of who Jem and Scout were causing them to jump to

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