Essay about My Senior Year I At The End Of High School

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Being involved is something very important to me and it always will. At the end of high school I was extremely involved. I love being a part of the “behind the scenes,” so leadership was naturally my thing. My senior year I was the Student Body Treasurer, so I would talk at assemblies and I was one of the main faces of my school. The Secretary, VP, and President were also girls, and together we made a well running machine, for the most part. In one of the school newspaper articles, the student staff wrote about us and took our picture together. That was the first time I had ever had an article written about me and I felt very accomplished. When the edition first came out, I snatched the first copy I could find and started flipping through to find my girls and me. A baby pink border read the headline “Rise of the Female Leaders.” In each class, freshman through senior, all 20 execs were girls. With pink and bows sprinkled about, I took in the article. To me, all of us being girls wasn’t a big deal, but according to the newspaper staff and the rest of the school, it was a big deal. All of my excitement came to an abrupt stop. I thought to myself, “How can I be an equal to men if I was being overly praised for being myself and doing what I love?” Asking myself this, I knew I was overstepping any feministic views I once had, but it made me think. To the rest of the population it was a big deal that our exec board was all girls. Did they not realize that most of our Student…

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