When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is A Waste Of Time By Susan Jacoy Analysis

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“When’s it my turn?” Young girls are growing up in a society that really plays with their minds and a society that judges them every second. Women get judged for being too manly or masculine, but women also want to have strength. Neghar Fonooni wrote an article called “Why ‘Feminine’ and ‘Masculine’ Should Not Imply Weak or Strong,” it talks about how there shouldn’t be a difference between femininity and masculinity, and how women should always feel empowered. “When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is “a Waste of Time” by Susan Jacoby, is about how teenagers are giving up in their classes because they’re too manly and a waste of time. Deborah Ross wrote “Escape from Wonderland: Disney and the Female Imagination,” this article is about how Disney …show more content…
This meaning that everyone’s views get put into perspective and how young girls see themselves. Fonooi talks about female masculinity, “Ew. Gross. Too muscular. Too manly. Woman Hulk.” These are comments that are made describing masculine women from a man’s perspective. Hearing these comments as a young girl could really affect them and not make them want to get strong, not only strong physically but mentally too. For example, Jacoby says, “In adolescence girls begin to fear that they will be unattractive to boys if they are typed as “brains”” (31). When girls are younger being typed or labeled as “brains,” they immediately become not a girl that boys like. Society makes it seem like if a girl is a “brain” they are not attractive to men and are weird. Disney movies really help how a young girl may shape their self-image. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, is labeled odd in her town because she wasn’t like everyone else (Ross 173). Belle really liked books, and they thought she was weird because she was the only girl in her town that really cared about reading. Belle is labeled a “brain” and she is completely okay with being different and embraces it. Every little girl should ignore those “woman hulk” and “brain” comments, and think how Belle thinks how it’s okay to be odd because being a “brain” can be a strength. Society’s view shouldn’t be allowed to shape little girls’ personal views of

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