My Semester Of A Public Policy Essay

1818 Words Nov 21st, 2014 8 Pages
This Political Science journey has been something else. This semester alone has been one for the books. The one and only Political Science class I took this semester was Intro to Public Policy. There was a multitude of things I took away from this class. In this essay, I am going to explore the entire semester of being in Public Policy. I plan on going through the good, the bad, and the ugly, so buckle up!
To begin, I’d like to start with my expectations from this class coming into the semester. Just the name “Public Policy” gives off a boring vibe. It sounds like something overly complicated, that old people talk about in their spare time while playing checkers at the retirement home. Rightfully so, I figured this was going to be nothing but paperwork and laws. I didn’t think the class would interest anyone sane, let alone me. My pre-thought image of the class was a rude teacher with a monotone voice, the just wanted to do her job and leave. I just knew that when the bell rang I’d be the first one trying to get out of the door, with nothing good or positive to say. I imagined all out sprints to get out of this boring classroom.
This happened to be one of those classes that I expected everyone to be almost like zombies in. A class that actually interacted would be a big stretch, especially considering the general nature of this course. Not to mention, my particular class is filled with over 30 young adults. The masses already makes it harder to facilitate on the professor.…

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