My Second Language Paragraph

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My Second Language
I was born in Palestine, a country in the Middle East that only speaks Arabic. I lived there for fourteen years and studied at an Arabic school from first grade to my freshman year of high school. After finishing my sophomore year, my family and I moved to the United States of America. Moving to a new country and trying to get used to its language is hard, but will pay off when it comes to improving a person 's education.
I remember my first day in the United States. During the first night, I went to eat out with one of my cousins. We went to a fast food place called “Subway.” I wanted to try to order my own food, when I was asked what I wanted on my sub; the first thing I said was “البندورة” which means tomatoes in Arabic.
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The school that I attended was huge compared to the one I attended overseas. I had to move from one class to another class which got me lost in the school. Students were treating me differently because no one wants to be a friend with someone that won’t understand anything you 're saying.
The misunderstanding that I had made reading during English class horrible. I barely knew how to speak the language; I don’t know how I was expected to read a whole book. My English teacher wasn’t as harsh with me as she was with the other students. Instead of reading a whole book in three weeks, she allowed me to read as much as possible from the book then quiz me on what I read. She also stayed after school to help me study grammar. She was one of the big reasons learning English wasn’t as bad as I expected it to
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They hired an English tutor to help me learn the language faster. The tutor was an Asian who knew perfect English, but wasn’t much of an Arabic speaker which didn’t really help me because I needed an Arabic speaker to translate the words to me from English to Arabic. My parents also sent me to an English Saturday school. The school was organized by Arabic speakers in my city who were also English speakers. The school was really helpful. I was taught how to write, read, and speak English. The best skill that I gained from going to the Saturday school is the grammar. The teachers there paid close attention to me because they saw me as a special kid; I finished all my homework during class, and I was learning the language fast. Everyone was

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