My Second Choice For College Essay

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When it comes down to picking a college, people have many different criteria based on what they are looking for in an institution. For myself, it is not about the frat life and I can care less about the size of the campus. There are three things that really matter to me. The first is the fact that the school offers my major. As a Hoosier that grew up around a basketball, I would love the opportunity to continue my basketball career. And finally the proximity to home, and what is around the town. I have narrowed my school choices to three. The first is Manchester University, a liberal arts school in North Manchester, Indiana. My second choice for college is Indiana University-Bloomington a public university in, guess what town, Bloomington, Indiana. A third option for my next step in education is Anderson University a liberal arts institution in Anderson, Indiana. It may seem like there is not much of a difference between three Indiana schools, but the differences they have may change the perception of my college destination.

Major Manchester University Manchester University has a sports management degree that on paper seems to have success for a smaller school, where connections are key for the degree (Sport Management). During a visit to Manchester, I had the chance to meet with Doctor Ryan Hedstrom, a sports management professor at Manchester. During the meeting, Doctor Hedstrom laid down a two page list of internship opportunities that passed Manchester students…

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