My School Is Making Real My Dreams Essay

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This school is making real my expectations because all the teachers and stuff are very professional and very dedicated with us all the time . I am very grateful with this school because , you guys are giving me this big opportunity for to be a professional in this country and make real my dreams in this big country . Everything is very important for the future for me and for my family . I like some much this school and is very important for me. at the beginning I was feeling very sad because everything about this country was new so I can say it had been difficult for me and my family. The first time I came here I was intimidated and afraid because I did not know how it would be sitting in a classroom again, and I was thinking they would be very extremely and weird for us in the school. I had many expectations when I first started in this institute and I still having them now such as what I had when I arrive at the school . I have many friends in my classroom , and we are like a family because we help each other to study and trying to be together because we are here for the same thing, with the same purpose for our future in this country full of opportunities . We have the same goals working and studing and we know that this is a big sacrifice in this big country . in this school I feel like I am worth it and professional again , because when you arrive to this country we have to do many things and that is why sometimes we forget about what were doing before and for…

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