Personal Narrative: My Roots Of Optimism

Where are my Roots of Optimism? Well I’m glad that you asked. Although I may have many roots, my family, and the goals I have, would have to be the biggest and strongest ones. Everyday my family encourages me to follow my dreams, and have lots of hope for the future. I believe my family is the basis of my optimism because every day they support me, teach me important life skills, and support my big decisions. I also believe that my family is my root, because even when things may be looking down, they always turn the situation around. They make me feel better about some not so good things, and that boosts my confidence. I think setting goals for myself are a part of my “on top of the world” attitude. Without these goals to reach, I would have …show more content…
It makes me happy and satisfied to achieve something that I have worked hard for, which really makes me have a bright and positive outlook on things. When I set goals for myself, it really teaches me to look forward to things to come, because hopefully, one day, I will achieve them. A goal that I set for myself was to follow through with my commitments. When I was playing soccer, I was at a point where I really didn’t want to play it anymore. Well, I stuck with that commitment, and now I have been playing soccer for years. I am going to work on following my commitments throughout my life. Making and achieving ambitions is something everyone does, and will do. For some people, it drives them to do amazing things and have lots of hope for the future. It does for me. If I have a objective set, I work my hardest to achieve it. When I do accomplish it, I go above and beyond that and make it even better. An ambition that I have set is to get straight A’s throughout my school career. That goal will push me to do well in school, and it may even lay out the basis of my future. This makes me really confident towards my future. If I’m really pleased at how I did at something, it will drive me to do it again, but better. Accomplishing things make me enthusiastic about them and that inspires me to help others and do good. An example of this is I have 6 younger cousins that all look up to me. My goal is to help them develop into

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