My Ride on the Bus Essay

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Liana Shakira Ab. Samad The final paper topic that I decided on was the observation of American culture from a 5 mile bus ride. On 20th July, on a Friday, I rode the Foothill 482 bus towards Puente Hills Mall, a bus ride of about 10 miles. It was around 4.30 p.m. when I took the bus and I arrived around 45 minutes later, having passed through many landmarks and stops. From the ride, I observed a whole lot of events that made me conclude a few things about the modern American culture. The five conclusions that I made about America from this bus ride are: the distinct modes of transportations for citizens of different social classes, the continuing rise of the automobile industry, the increase in consumption of fast foods; especially among …show more content…
So it is a safe conclusion for me to make that professionals and people of the upper-middle to upper classes don’t prefer to ride the bus. An evidence of this would be that when we passed through a very high-classed gated community on Golden Springs Drive at Diamond Bar, we did not even stop once along the one or two-mile stretch of road. This shows that buses are not really a main form of transport for the residents there. Another evidence was that when we passed through the Gateway Corporate Centre, a long stretch of private companies and government offices, we stopped only once, and the parking lots were full of cars even though they can accommodate many cars. So from my observations of the passengers and this report I quote: “Fewer than 40 percent (of Hispanics and Blacks) have middle-class levels of wealth and this proportion has not changed since 1996. Nearly 75 percent of White households have middle-class or higher levels of wealth.” (, the reason why there were less Caucasians compared to Hispanics on the bus was that both races dominate different levels of the social class, thus the very little integration between the passengers of the bus, a middle-class dominated form of transport. The second point about modern American culture is the continued rising of the automobile industry and its related businesses.

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