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Plans for Retirement My husband and I have a plan in place for retirement. The date that each of us plan to retire differs, but the overall plan was developed together. My husband will be ready to retire in 4 years, as for me, I will not be ready for retirement for at least 16 years. We both work for employers that have the same requirements to retire with full retirement benefits. Your years of service and age have to equal 80. My husband is very much looking forward to this day. Although it will be a bittersweet time for him as he really enjoys the work that he does and finds it very rewarding. He states his reason for retiring early is twofold first is due to health issues he struggles with arthritis which causes him a good deal of pain. The second reasons he gives is that he wants to enjoy life before he gets too old or before he is just not able. I tell him that he will be enjoying it on his own because I will not be retiring for at least ten years after him. He tell me he is ok with this. The reality is that I am embarking on a new phase in my career and upon completion of my …show more content…
I am not quite ready to exit the workforce at this time or in the very near future. The scary part is giving up something that I have done on a daily basis since around the age of 15 years old. I do not have many hobbies so I am not sure what I will do in my retirement years. I do have some fears and concerns regarding my husband’s health issues and the challenges that this will place on both of us. The exciting aspect is having the time to enjoy all of the things that we have worked so hard for. We enjoy camping, fishing, boating and spending time at our Florida home. Retirement will give us the opportunity to do more of these activities. For me anything new provides a new challenge, so when I am ready to retire I believe that I will be very excited for the changes and the challenges it will

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