My Relationship With My Attachment Style Essay

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At least once everyday I have an interaction with people – whether good or bad—what determines the way I interact with people is my attachment style. An attachment style is simply the way in which I do relationships; and that attachment style is determined by my early childhood relationships. Although my relationships as a child strongly influence my attachment style, it can still change based on the circumstances that I face throughout my life. Growing up I had a secure attachment style, but as I have grown up and experienced difficulties my attachment style goes between secure and avoidant.

Throughout my entire life, I have always had the support of both parents which allowed me to develop a secure attachment style as a child. The beliefs that I held to which led me to be secure growing up was that I knew that I was worthy of love and I knew that my parents loved me. At this stage of life, I considered myself a Christian, but did not know what it truly meant to follow God. It is for that reason that I cannot clearly explain my attachment style to God at that time of my life, but as I understood the meaning of following Christ, I developed a secure attachment style to God. I believed with everything I had that He loves me, that I could rely on Christ through everything, and I longed to become closer to Him. It was not until eighth grade year when my faith was tested.

During my eighth grade school year I was bullied at a Christian school for simply standing up for what…

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