Essay on My Relationship With A Relationship

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In the story of Roseto there are many families that all live under one house. Down the street you would have your cousins, aunts, uncles, niece, nephews and grandparents in one house. You wouldn’t need to call each person to celebrate a holiday at one family member 's house, they would all be in one already. The goal to keep a long positive relationship is the things that keep the partners happy, spending time with one another, and lastly communication. All of these aspects aid in my relationship to continue today. When I first started college I wasn’t all into it. As time was going by I never made up my mind on what I wanted to major in. Then I met my girlfriend, she has showed me many ways that having a happy relationship can be positive. She’s majoring in biology and I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. I later finally figured out that I wanted to major in psychology. She helped me find the passion that I’ve always searched for. Before her, I didn’t want to go to school and I let time take over and never focused on what I needed to do. She is someone that I look up to when it comes to school. She always gets her homework done, puts it as a priority before anything else, she puts countless hours into studying and she does this because she knows it will pay off. I’m now somewhat like that. I’m always trying to put as much effort as I can now when it comes to school. I don’t do assignments last minute, I study days out from a exam and I try to set school as…

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