My Reflection On My Lowest Mark Essay

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Question 1: My reflection on my lowest mark.
Academic writing, it is not even a fearsome word, but the chills it gave me turned into my lowest mark of 80% for assignment three. In this assignment we had to write an essay on a topic presented and I chose topic one, “The over dependence on technology has resulted in students losing the ability to think independently” UNISA, 2016 (Placeholder1). In this assignment I reflected on how to write academically for economic purposes; using suitable resources, quoting, in-text citations and referencing. I believe I preformed this way, because I could have written this essay better, and instead of quoting I should have paraphrased more. If I could do it again tomorrow I would construct a more coherent way of writing and instead of exceedingly using direct quotes I would rather paraphrase. I believe if you do not make mistakes you are not learning.
Question 2: Reflection of my highest mark
I believe the most fundamental quality in academic English is having critical reading and thinking skills, which is why my highest mark was 94% for assignment one. This assignment was about evaluating my ability to reflect on my interpretation by answering the question related to a particular passage. My vocabulary; reading, thinking and grammar skills were tested. I identified key factors, by summarising a particular article in literate and visual format. I think I preformed this way, because I thoroughly read the study guide…

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