My Reflection On My Life Essay

1351 Words Jan 8th, 2016 null Page
According to my StrengthsQuest StrengthsFinder survey, my top five strengths are Belief, Command, Activator, Achiever, and Significance (Gallup 2010). The survey presented these areas of my personality in such a way that I had never previously thought. A few were understood as primary while the other top strengths were significant as they revealed more about my inner compass than I knew.

Our assignment calls for describing in detail how we use or plan to use these strengths in our life. The initial strength, Belief is a powerful focus point for me. I understand fundamentally that having strong values can help shape decisions at work and in life. My religious denomination helps with that in it provides a set of absolutes during primary education that carries over into adult life. The focus and meaning that they provide to my life should show in my daily life. I plan to spend more time assisting in my community to further cement these beliefs. Command is my second top strength which is the one I felt I would find when completing the survey. To say someone has a Command presence in the military is to imply that the image they portray denotes authority and knowledge. For this particular strength, I need to mute it so some degree as I have been told that I intimidate managers; so I will work to become less intimidating looking. The Activator strength is one that is fascinating to me as I have never thought of myself as a person or leader who is quick to action. For the most…

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