My Reflection On My Learning Experiences Essay examples

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As an Honors student, I have a long history of not only going to school to get good grades, but also to learn and excel in doing so. In this essay I will discuss my past learning experiences, my present learning experiences, and what my future learning experiences might look like. I will incorporate a couple of Angela Maier’s “Habitudes”, Carol Dweck’s “Mindsets”, and Ken Bain’s “How the Best College Students Learn” into this essay explaining my learning journey. Moving on from the preview of the essay, my past learning experiences weren’t always the greatest in terms of my personal growth. One positive I had going for me was that I had a great sense of self-awareness. Self-awareness is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to use them to your advantage. Although this was a good thing, one big negative came out of it; I developed a fixed mindset. I believed that the strengths I had were only as good as they were going to be, and I would always have certain weaknesses, and those could never improve. I always felt as if I had to prove myself through my grades. This feeling of needing constant approval caused me to primarily work on homework from the classes I didn’t like with my friends. When I did this, I really didn’t force myself to learn it because I just viewed those classes as weaknesses that would never improve. This caused me to become the first learning profile that Ken Bain brings up. Ken Bain writes that this type of learner will get good…

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