Growth Mindset

Is education a burden or a stepping-stone? Through good experiences, I was able to cultivate myself into a better student. Through those good experiences, there were bad experiences that caused me to have a setback and doubt my ability. While others strived in reading and writing, it was very challenging to feel confident in subjects I did not understand. Through those challenging times, to be motivated a growth mindset was needed to improve. Intelligence was thought to be set at birth and continue to stay constant throughout a person’s life. Attending Porterville College will help me develop to becoming more independent and it will help me build relationships with my professors. Education has shown to be beneficial in my life and it has helped me become a person with a growth mindset. My education has molded me into who I am today due to the very beneficial impacts. If I had not learned how …show more content…
Carol S. Dweck, author of “Brainology”, explains, “The children praised for their intelligence did not want to learn. Those praised for effort maintained their confidence, their motivation, and their performance” (3). Dweck’s point is that children praised for intelligence had a fixed mindset and those praised for effort had a growth mindset. Since I have attended college, I have had a growth mindset due to personal developing myself with the year I took off school. It all started by creating a poster of all my goals and identifying why I wanted to achieve those goals. Once I identified out why I wanted to achieve them, I simply told myself, I would not stop striving for success until I started to see results. You improve yourself everyday with the vitamins and nutrients you need; you must improve your mind by reading, attending college, and engage in new thing in order for it to develop. Through a person’s life, intelligence was set at birth and continued to stay that

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