My Reflection on Learning Experience for the Last Eight Weeks Studies in Marketing.

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In today’s world, Marketing is the heart of a successful business. A company can only maintain its competitiveness through extensive marketing. A company can market itself in many ways. Apple, for example, has marketed itself through innovation. As the demand for marketing increases, marketing has become more complex than ever, and as a result, marketers have to be more creative to find some efficient ways to satisfy their clients. Therefore, they have designed many marketing strategies that can help them deal with their clients who somehow feel their competitors have outdone them. With this reflection, this paper outlines a brief overview of my observed marketing techniques of Coca Cola Company. It is worth noting that this paper is my …show more content…
Unexpectedly the tutor told everyone to be quiet, and he then asked me to present to the class our group findings. I was like what the?, I was awfully shaken, one of my friends in a group started loudly cheering for me “ go Agok go Agok…”. I awkwardly told him to stop that cheering. What was fascinating was that even though the first minute was harder I realised that the longer I stand in front of the class the easier it becomes. As I walked out after tutorial, I was so happy because I felt somewhat confident that I would be all right next time. Even if I feel confident in front of the class in the last part of my presentation, I will need to practice presenting very often, not just in the class but also in front of my friends at home or wherever that I can meet them in numbers. Teamwork is the most important part of marketing professional. However, that does not mean I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of my group members enjoys annoying people. He does not contribute anything but every time I put my opinion across he is always the first to say, “That does not make sense”. It was so discouraging and because of him, our group was always the last to finish. He may be right because I naturally enjoy arguments, and that make some of my colleagues feel a little irritated. Nevertheless, I also listen very carefully to what another person is saying. I am flexible and never resist changes and that is very good in

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