Narrative Essay About My Writing Experience

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I remember learning to read and write at a very early age. I enjoyed reading and writing very much then, and still today. According to my parents, I learned to read and make up my own stories somewhere around the age of four or five. I recall not enjoying the outside and bugs very much, and instead I begin learning to create my world in books. I credit my early reading of Dr. Seuss Books, and Nancy Drew with my love to write. At the age of six, I was very active in church. I was the youngest Jr. Superintendent in the district, which consisted of approximately twenty churches. As the Jr. Superintendent, I had to read the lessons prior to Sunday school every week. It was also my responsibility to write a response to the lesson and present before …show more content…
Attending college was very important to me, but because of an illness I had to leave. Instead of returning back to college a year later I got married. I still continued to write, but my writing and my topics changed. As an adult I begin to journal and write in a diary. My writing changed from being creative to a more personal type of writing. I would recount everything that happen, and my personal feelings about my life, and where my life was going. Writing in my journal was more of a release for me. After the privacy of my journal was violated I stopped writing completely. I did continue reading sometimes, but mostly material related to my job as a manager. Twenty years passed, and I decided to leave my job, in order to attend school as a full-time student. This was quite the challenge for me to begin writing again after so many years. I had to learn all of the mechanics of writing again. I found that although so many years had passed, I still had a love for writing. For the first year, I was undecided about what new career path I wanted to take. I knew I loved working with children, writing, and reading. Therefore, I decided to pursue my career as a Secondary Education, English Language Arts

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