Habitat For Humanity: A Self Analysis

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There 's never been a time when I wanted to be anything but a doctor, more specifically a surgeon, and my life experiences have only strengthened my resolve to accomplish this. Having struggled with depression and anxiety, it led to psychiatric hospitalizations, medications, psychotherapy, and a residential treatment center, yet it formed my passions and purpose for Psychology and Neuroscience.
With my conditions, it increasingly developed my desire to help and care for people, and I gladly took on that role, even as it broke me inside. I carried the weight of others ' pain and grief until it turned into my own pain, my own grief, my own depression. Even though I am a respectful, excellent and diligent student, with a high intellect and conscientious
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This organization has allowed me to get to know the community I’m living in, while also contributing to it in a positive fashion. One of the greatest issues our nation is facing is the quality of people’s home life. Without having adequate housing and basic needs met, your health suffers. Therefore, being part of an organization that strives to improve people 's home life will help them to focus on their personal health and receiving …show more content…
It has been a great outlet for my creativity and has inspired me to work harder. It’s a place where my leadership, communication, and work ethic has flourished. You can always be better, and that is something I will never stop striving to accomplish.
Being on the receiving end of medical care in multiple health care establishments, I’ve gotten a firsthand idea of seeing and getting a feel for the positive and negative aspects of the medical system. It is my hope to become a doctor who will provide an overall positive experience for my patients, so they feel safe, cared for, listened to, and as comfortable as possible. To me, nothing is more important than the quality of patient interaction and care. It is something I will always strive for and aim to succeed in.
My life has created a deep-rooted want to learn everything I can about the brain, to educate people on the facts of mental illness, and how to appropriately interact with those who suffer from one. Psychology and Neuroscience are my greatest passions. They are what compelled me to become drawn to the field of Neurosurgery. To be at the forefront of continuous medical breakthroughs on the most complex organ, while helping people, and saving lives, is what I want and plan to do for the rest of my

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