My Product Chosen Is The Hamburger Essay

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My product chosen is the hamburger, specifically a Mustang Grill hamburger. The Mustang grill is a recent addition to the Huntingdon restaurant scene as a locally owned establishment. The location first opened in the early 1960’s as Tip’s Dairy Creme and was operated for over 30 plus years. Tip sold the business to another local family who continued the tradition of the hamburger until it was sold to an out of town individual. This tenure didn’t seem to work as well and the business was sold at the first of the year to the new owners. Which leads me to the selection of a product that has been produced for multiple decades locally and the impact of the external environment upon their marketing strategy. Time will tell as to whether this new ownership can be successful in maintaining a customer flow as the newness declines and other competition stimulates interest. Having been a short order cook while in high school at the Shack, a major competitor long ago before McDonalds moved in, there’s more to the hamburger than knowing when to flip it.

Competition The local direct hamburger competitors in the area include McDonalds, Sonic, Wendys, Mallards, Casey’s Bar and Joe’s BBQ. The total budget competition lies in Prater’s Taters, Subway, the three Pizza locations, and Big Max’s BBQ as well as the home cooked or home grilled burger or chicken. The two mexican restaurants can’t be left off the list either. The remainder of the competition lies outside the local…

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