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Throughout my time spent at the Goshen school district, I have learned so much about, not only others, but about myself. I never imagined that I would, or could have performed in a school setting with children for my practicum. It was just something I didn’t think applied to me, or my degree. When I left my first practicum, I was planning on finding a facility to fulfill my second internship at that offered both mental health, and addiction treatment services. Although, I still feel that I wish I would have found a facility near me that offered what I was looking for, I am beyond grateful for the experience that working for the district gave me. Part of me was terrified that I was going to be working with children. The thought of being extremely …show more content…
Before, I never really had a clear population that I was driven to work with. I felt out of place around my peers when discussing their passions for certain populations. I knew I liked to help people, but that was pretty much the extent. When I accepted this internship, I was afraid I would have difficulties working with the youth population because of my own personal experiences at a prior job I held at a daycare. I went into this practicum afraid of making mistakes because I knew how serious of a role I was playing. I have came far away from those thoughts. I have found that, working with the youth became just as natural to me as working with the middle aged population. I have discovered that I am unique because I do not have a set population that I want to work with. I thought that I wasn’t normal because I was not extremely passionate about working with a single population, I was wrong. I have learned that it is not important for me to be passionate about one population, because my passion lies within helping all people. The important aspect of my personal growth is that, it doesn 't matter where I am or who I am working with, it is the act of helping others that I am passionate

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