Essay about My Plans For A Multicultural Campus

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a. For my next three quarters I plan on continuing my science, writing, and other GE courses into my schedule. It is a goal of mine to include at least one class each quarter that interests me, whether it is required or not for my degree. I continue to work as a swim instructor and an equipment room attendant to pay for my education for the following year. I am currently a member of HMP3, EducationCorps, CNS, and BSSA organizations. My plan is to continue being an active member of all of these organizations. I hope to plan my schedule so I can commit more time to volunteering for EducationCorps. I really value the importance of community outreach to students and helping them achieve their goals.
a. The topics “Choosing & Committing to a Major” and “Understanding Yourself and Others: Approaches to a Multicultural Campus” were most significant to me because of the knowledge I gained through the seminars and discussions. The first topic taught me to actually sit down and think if my major is right for me. Is physiology and neuroscience really where I want to go or is there another major that might be better suited for my goals and aspirations. This thought process brought teaching back into my head and the need to figure out where I really want to go after my undergraduate years at UCSD. The second topic taught me the importance of respecting other individuals perspectives because everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences that is often neglected by first sight…

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