My Philosophy Of The Nursing Essay

987 Words Feb 19th, 2016 4 Pages
My philosophy of nursing is to be holistic, respectful, honest, compassion, knowledgeable, confidential, nonjudgmental, an advocate, a leader, and a teacher. I chose nursing as my profession because I want to be someone accountable and trustworthy to take care of the ones that suffer as a human being. What makes a person a human being in comparison to animals is that a person can think at many different levels. Therefore, when I 'm caring for other human beings, I will acknowledge that a person has their own mind and perspectives. Also, I chose nursing because of my ethnicity; there are still a lot of people that lack knowledge toward health and inabilities to speak and understand English. Therefore, I wish to become the nurse that will be able to help them through the process of healing, prevention and promotion of health. Another thing, is that nursing has always been a career that I longed for ever since I was little and always had looked up towards the people that does nursing. I think it is a wonderful career in helping people regain strength, hopes, and heath. I believe that the core of nursing is successfully completing the nursing process. In which, it includes documenting the correct objective and subjective data. It is essential to find the correct data because miss findings can lead to patient 's injury. Then developing an effective care plan for the patient and thoroughly following through the procedures. Importantly, achieving the patient 's health planned…

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