Essay about My Philosophy Of Physical Education

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Philosophy of Physical education:

In my own style of learning, I find it important to show the kinesthetic qualities of education as way understand and comprehend a physical activity. This type of learning was extremely helpful when I was student, which provided a visual and experiential form of learning through physical activities. Kinesthetic learning is a common way to improve the physical learning capabilities of the student, which I embraced as a young person in the classroom: "Ratey’s (2008) research findings show how exercise improves learning and why teachers should use movement in the classroom to enhance learning and memory” (Lengel & Kuczala, 2010, vi). In this way, I have always enjoyed learning through physical activity in the classroom, which has always involved direct physical activities by the teacher or other students. My educational philosophy is based on “pragmatism”, which has a focus on problem solving and the facilitation of the student in the classroom. However, the educator also provides a self-learning paradigm in which the student can learn within the community, which is a democratically based philosophy: “Pragmatism has in it the seeds of democratic principles and procedures” (p.80). This type of environment involves learning to “coach” the student, which can enable them to learn on their own merits. This type of facilitating form of learning allows the student to learn within the classroom as a group, yet by also inspiring an individualistic…

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