My Philosophy : My Moral Philosophy Essay

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My Moral Philosophy

A person’s moral philosophy is embedded since birth and honed through out his life by first his parents, and then by his/hers environment. My moral philosophy derives from my Mexican heritage and culture and has been honed throughout my education and military experience. Growing up with my family, my parents imbedded in my sister and me the ethical values of trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, and loyalty. Even thought I was born and raised in the United States, my first 16 summers were spend in central Mexico, with my grandparents, where my Mexican Heritage and ethical values were even more infused the same way they were into my mother. Being part of the Army Culture for over 17 years as a Soldier, Cadet, and Officer, the Army values that were instilled in me, besides the ones I already identified, are duty, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage and empathy. The moral values that make up my moral philosophy are significant as an organizational leader and an Army Officer. The following paragraphs will cover in depth their meaning in the “Big Three”, which are Duty, virtue and outcome, ethical concepts and their strengths and weaknesses. Duty Ethics is the action rather then the outcome being pursed while virtue ethics is based in the character and emphasizes being rather then doing. The first five values in my moral philosophy that is significant in an organizational leader and Army Officer are trust, respect,…

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