Abraham Lincoln : A Visionary And Ethical Leadership Essay

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Abraham Lincoln
“All men and women should have equal opportunity to improve their lot” (Lincoln, 1999). Abraham Lincoln used intellectual stimulation because he had a different perspective of the Nation. He was a visionary and ethical leader who focused on his vision and changed America. He was not afraid to take risk despite his difficulties that he faced from slave owners. He used rational thinking and developed a way to renew his vision to the people. Abraham Lincoln was an extraordinary leader who had many gifts. His vision was to see all people created equal regardless of race. He valued his leadership principles since his early age. I’ll provide you with some information on why I think Abraham Lincoln is a visionary and ethical leader and how his visionary and ethical leadership relates to my leadership style that I am using to become a better leader in the Air Force. I will provide you with personal examples that incorporate my personal relevance to Abraham Lincoln’s visionary and ethical leadership style and how my visionary and ethical leadership impacted my actions, decisions, and behaviors. Abraham Lincoln is a visionary leader who envisioned the future of the United States to be improved.
Visionary Leader
Abraham Lincoln is a visionary leader because he was devoted to human rights and believed all people should have a right to rise. He wanted America to be diverse. He displayed visionary characteristics throughout his presidency. Good characteristics of…

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