Classroom Management Philosophy Statement

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Classroom Management Plan
In evaluating my respective philosophy for my upcoming teaching career, I have sincerely reflected on my principles and influences about classroom management. As cooperation is one of my principal priorities as a student, I will strive to develop cooperation in my school and my students once my profession begins. My goal is to consistently create a classroom that is student-centered, respectful, safe, joyful, and harmonious.
To create a cooperative environment, I will build on two basic principles in the classroom. The first principle is to treat others the way you wish to be treated and I will exemplify this with two words, “respect differences” and the second principle is be honest, and I will model this by
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The first day of school is very important as it could possibly decide the fate of the teacher and students learning for the rest of the year. On the first day of school, I will be ready. I will have the work ready and the room will be ready. Teachers are an authoritative figure in the classroom and my role is to establish a plan for a successful day as well as school year. My plan will include energetic motivation, high classroom expectations. I will build classroom community, and classroom management to include procedures, rules, consequences of breaking rules, consistency, and fairness. It is important that I remember these characteristics to create an environment where students feel valued, safe, and respected to obtain optimum …show more content…
Clear learning objectives and behavior expectations can be achieved by building community, creating joy in the classroom, a positive learning environment, and balance. An organized, consistent classroom management plan will prevent most behavior outbreaks, chaos, confusion, fear, and frustration in the classroom.
The role of the teacher in classroom management is to establish a clear purpose for learning and behavior expectations by exhibiting assertive behavior. I will have a clear, concise plan ready to introduce to the students. I will model, explain, rehearse, and reinforce the plans. Consistency and cooperation are essential to classroom management. In Children: The Challenge, Dreikurs (1964) explain, “Co-operation means that each member moves along together to accomplish that which is best for all” (p. 131). Implementation will begin on the first day of school, and we as a community will establish the classroom procedures, and

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