My Philosophies Of Education: My Philosophy Of Special Education

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Philosophy of Special Education
I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow. We need to inspire creativity and realize that children are unique in their ability to learn, as well as the talents they hold. Every child is entitled to appropriate education. As future teachers, we need to be able to include all students in our classroom, in order to foster an inclusive environment where every child’s unique abilities are acknowledged.
Inclusion is very important in my philosophy of education, because inclusion provides many benefits for students. While giving students the best education possible, teachers need to be able to give students an environment in which they can grow. Inclusion in my classroom will give all students an opportunity to create a wide range of relationships, where everyone is accepted. I want to provide an opportunity for students to participate in classroom activities, where they learn by peer modeling, and build a strong sense of community. In my classroom there will be high expectations for everyone, in order for every student to grow and make progress.
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Students by no means, fit into one “cookie cutter” shape. Every student has a unique way of learning and these differences need to be taken into account. In my classroom differentiation needs to be implemented. For my classroom, I feel one of the most important ways to differentiate instruction and material is based on readiness. I will differentiate my lesson materials in order to modify the difficultly, so all students can learn and grow at their own

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