My Personality Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Personality Assessment

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During week one of BMAL 500 Organizational Behavior, I had to analyze my personality strengths and weaknesses utilizing a personality assessment. The time I spent self-reflecting allowed me to reevaluate different aspects of my life to include my social relationships with others, co-workers and family members. The personality assessment I completed was the Jung Typology Test.
According to the Jung Typology Test, my personality type is an ESFJ. The results stand for an extravert, sensing, feeling, and judging. A brief description of my personality type portrays me to enjoy customs and traditions, entertaining, a person that likes to take charge, and emotional. I instantly recognized a few of the traits and descriptions within myself; however there were a few traits that I don’t agree with at this time.
An extravert can be described as a sociable person. The Jung Typology Test determined a one percent difference between my extravert and introvert traits. I kind of agree with the determination. I want to be sociable and feel left out if I am not invited to functions. I am sometimes very self-conscious and will let other people take over the spotlight.
At work, I believe I am slightly more of an extravert. I like to tell stories about my life and try to get to know co-workers that I interact with. I try to find ways to connect with people even if I don’t necessarily like them, in hopes that I can build a good working relationship. I think I am…

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