My Personality Is An Integral Part Of What Makes Us Human Beings?

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Our personality is an integral part of what makes us human beings. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines personality as, “a set emotional qualities, ways of behaving, etc., that makes a person different from other people.” (Personality). Personality makes us unique, especially in social situations, such as; the workplace, home, and church. So it is important to grasp your personality and learn what makes others tick. Woody (2011), explains why personality is important to study, “Understanding your personality and the personalities of those around you is critical to success. Keep in mind personality is one of the many drivers of behavior, but it is one that is consistent over time.” (Par. 14). I performed a self-assessment of my personality. The self-assessment will help me understand my personality, how I work with others, and experience in the workplace. By understanding my own personality and how it differs from others, I have the opportunity to become a better person and better communicate to different personalities.
In this self-assessment, there were three parts in which I was evaluated. The first part was entitled, “What About Me”. This section focused on determining what kind of personality I have. It extracts my insights on personality, values and attitude, motivation, and decision-making. The second part of the self-assessment was called, “Working with Others”. This section of the self-assessment concentrated on my interaction between employees. This…

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