Avoid For The Emntj Personality Type

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Careers to Avoid for the ENTJ Personality Type

Whether you are still trying to find your place in the world or find out if you are moving along the right path, it is important to understand your personality traits that will have an impact on your likeliness to succeed at various careers. You should also know the things that matter to you. With full understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as awareness of what you truly value, you will be in an excellent position to choose a career that you will find rewarding.

If you belong to the ENTJ personality type, you are likely well-suited to be a leader or an organization builder, as you have the ability to clearly identify problems and come up with innovative solutions for the well-being
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You might also want to stay away from jobs that that do not offer variety and opportunities for personal growth. Here are some, if not all of, them:

• Data Entry

ENTJs thrive in an environment where they can use their creativity as part of their work’s completion process. For a job that is focused on data entry, procedure and specific quotas that must be followed to the letter each day, these individuals can grow frustrated quickly. This is why you should avoid a career in data entry whenever possible.

• Clerical

A clerical employee is required to perform mountains of paperwork, conform to a set of fixed rules and be under somebody else’s authority. Technically, clerical jobs are repetitive and involve no challenges or creativity, which can be stifling for ENTJs.

• Creative Arts

Though working as an artist would allow ENTJs to explore their creative side, it should actually be avoided because many aspects of this career will be outside of these individuals’ control. They will be forced to be at the whim of the crowd to make money, which ultimately means the same skills and performances will be on display, resulting to boredom.

• Fashion
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They are not interested in other people, but rather are interested in how they can use others properly to achieve desired objectives. Volunteering for charitable organizations and fundraisers is not something they would do out of interest; they would rather spend their time calculating income or thinking of new strategies.

• Law Enforcement

The job of a police officer or an inspector is monotonous and requires one to pay extra attention to repeated details. Again, this is not the kind of work where a person can use his brain to face great challenges, so it would bore an ENTJ quickly. Also, reporting to higher authority can irritate this personality type even further. People belonging to it would rather visualize themselves as detectives who face greater challenges.

• Priesthood

Arguably, this is one of the worst careers for ENTJs, as it requires them to be highly passionate and religious. However, this does not mean that these individuals are atheists or do not have religious beliefs; it is just that they have little patience with such careers. Also, theology has never been a subject of interest for

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