My Personality Is An Integral Aspect Of Our Lives Essay examples

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Our personality types are an integral aspect of our lives. Being able to understand your personality and work with others is very important, not only in your relationships at home, but also in your relationships with peers at work. One way we can have a greater understanding on how our personality type affects others is assess your personality using a personality test. Understanding what we do and why we do it is enlightening, and helps us assess our behavior. When we understand our personality in light of others, it opens up a new realm of possibility in relating to others, at home and in the workplace. Let us take a journey into the world of emotions, character traits, and preferences. Many of us are predisposed to act in a certain way, for me, learning about how I tend to act and react, and also learning why others act in a certain way has helped me to take this knowledge and try to translate it into real life application.

Step 1
After taking the Jung Typology test, I was eager to see what the test determined would be my most likely four-letter type. After taking the test, I found out I was considered an INFJ. What is an INFJ? Well each letter corresponds to a different personality trait that makes up my whole personality. As a whole it stands for “introverted, intuitive feeling, judging”. As an INFJ, my personality tends to be more focused on the internal aspects of life. This type is also very unique. According to Jung’s test,…

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