My Personality Experience

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Looking at the way I am at present day, many people are confused or even shocked when I tell them how I was in elementary and early high school which is understandable considering how different my initial personality is compared to the character I’ve adapted to over the years. My personality is one that used to be extremely withdrawn and timid; a complete introvert, in all honestly. The beginning of grade ten was no different in its bouncy nervousness, hands shaking as if it were in a blender- minus the gruesome details that would go into a hand being inside a blender- and breaking out into a cold sweat, just from the mention of those cursed ice breakers at the start of a new year. It was also in grade ten, however, that I met my first girlfriend …show more content…
It was then that I saw her walking towards me. Each step sounded louder and louder as she continued to walk towards me, the air getting colder,and the steps aligning with the sound of my heartbeats. The cold air left a sting in my eyes as she walked right past me. The days flew by and not a single word was exchanged between us despite how often we saw each other around the school. It was disheartening to see how quickly we could grow apart just because we were both too scared and it was clear that one of us had to change if we wanted to salvage any remains of this relationship. And as she continued to walk further away into the cold winter, I decided to change. I stood carefully in front of her after school, asking for a clear explanation with a promise to genuinely change. The needlessly loud crunch of the snow outside observed as I waited for a reply, heartbeat perhaps competing with the snow for the loudest sound in the entire area. It was already early February but winter stayed persistent in the heavy snow and loud silence. She sighed, cold breath visible in the air, as she left once again and it was then that I realized I wasn’t the only one who needed to

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