EWRT 200 Reflective Essay

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Making a dart for English 1A
Through this class, I gained confidence on writing an essay. Before EWRT 200 class, I had many questions such as “what is the essay? What to write about? Where to put transition? Why do we have to write an essay?” However, when I went up to EWRT 211, some other profound questions came up with my mind, which were “How to make connection with the given idea and my idea? How to make a more strong detail?”, rather than those above questions that I though, when I was EWRT 200. For non-native speaker, it was really difficult to think a certain idea because we do need to care many things like structure, grammar, and flaw. Honestly, I am afraid of harsh comments or lower grades on my essays from my instructor even though
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While I was working on my first essay, I worried that how to mention the quote properly from essays that my professor given. And then, I finally chose Rhode’s essay that was about discrimination of appearance, which made me come up with a plastic surgery that many young generation usually do these days. Throughout this essay, actually I learned how to mark a quotation mark with punctuation such as marking quotation mark after comma such as “’Let me in,’ which is …”, and some other small mistakes. Still, I believe there are some errors in my paper, but I did work hard on my essay to come up with making my main ideas and examples strongly. Honestly, I had pretty good comments from my instructor, but after having back my paper from my instructor, I read my essay a dozen times because I wanted to revise what kinds of grammar errors that I used to make mistake for next following essay. In order to minimize grammar mistakes, I tried to use variety of ways to revise my paper like Writing and Reading Center in my school or Ginger app that my instructor recommended. Although my first out-of-essay seemed good for now, and it was not considered huge mistakes, but I noticed that I am making many small mistakes invisibly that makes my paper down. Through this paper, I realized that very small mistakes and details play an important role in considering as good …show more content…
While I was working on this essay, I was having trouble with making connection between my ideas and given essays because the given essays’ idea was too general to link my idea. Therefore, The most difficult thing, which I suffered from, was where to put the ideas. Actually, I had many ideas in my head, but it was difficult to organize and connect the ideas that I came up with. Due to this essay, I could spend plenty of time to focus on connecting and organizing the ideas in a given essay. Also, when I heard the format of this essay before started, I was desperate because I have never written the formal letter format ever. Although I did not have enough chance to write essay before, and this essay’s format was not familiar with me, I tried to follow the direction from my instructor, Mary, and tried to understand as much as I could. The reason that I chose this essay for my portfolio is because I want to show you how I put my effort on my second in-class essay, which I was distressed and was worried every single day before due date. In fact, my second in-class essay did not look perfect, but I pay attention to the directions that she emphasized in class. After I noticed my weak points, I took steps to put them right in a following essay. Owing to my instructor’s purpose for this essay, I could experience a new essay format that I did

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