What Is The Sigmund Freud Theory

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I relate more with the Sigmund Freud theory. I think we all have desire and impulses that flow through us every day. Some thoughts that we have consciously and unconsciously happen throughout the day. I believe that what separates just a thought or minor feelings from a problem that needs to become controlled are actions. I think most individuals choose to act or not act on their feelings. I do understand to the realization that some people have mental disorders that make them unaware or not in control of their impulse or actions, but I think most people choose right or wrong. Nonetheless, we all have vast spectrums of right and wrong. Individual moral code dictates what is right or wrong and actions proceed from there.
My personal theory
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I know that with anything come practice and persistence, and I am more than willing to put in the work needed. I feel that this program is more than what I thought it would be. I honestly though it was going to be merely bookwork and nothing that would genuinely keep me interested. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy attending class and learning new counseling skills. I try to practice my skills on my family members and co-workers. I often tell them, it sounds like you need to talk about these issues, and you know I am in school for counseling right? Tell me more, how do you feel about that problem? The counseling skill that is easiest for me is encouragement and making the client feel welcome. As we have learned In class, building a trusting relationship is one of the most critical elements of counseling, if the client doesn’t feel safe or comfortable to disclose their most intimate thoughts then the session is pointless and will become a waste of time. I think that I am just naturally easy to talk to and open up to. In addition, eye contact is easy for …show more content…
When I hear a situation, I think about what I would do to make this situation better or how I would handle it. I know that we cannot give advice and the client needs time to process their thoughts and feelings, but most of the time I just want to jump up, give them a hug and say do this; it will fix your situations. To improve this I would need to remove myself from the situation and not try to think about what I would do, but listen to what the client wants, and let the client talk thought their

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