My Personal Strengths And Strengths Essay

1294 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
1. Identify your three greatest personal strengths (be honest and realistic). My three personal strengths I identify with are being creative, open-minded and perceptive. I view myself as creative because I personally view art with a high prestige. I enjoy the idea of originality and trying to create new ideas that aren’t necessarily the norm. My interests in art vary from renaissance styled sculptures/paintings to modern surrealism. I also try to demonstrate creativity when doing projects and assignments for school. For example, in high school, we were assigned to create an “All About Me” project. Instead of presenting on a PowerPoint, I wanted to create a YouTube video instead show the different kinds of music I enjoyed and to show the class some ceramics art work I’ve finished from a 3-D perspective verses a 2-D picture. I am fairly open-minded on several aspects; I always try to view someone as if I went through their life experiences or if I had the same mental processes. One of the ideas I live my life by is that people are all different and I cannot judge based on the different factors that separate myself from the person. For example, while I do not believe rapists and murderers are justified for their actions, I do believe that anyone if brought up the same way and have experienced the same lifestyle could have ended up the same way. Lastly, I view myself as perceptive to the situations happening around me. I like to analyze and view the situations I’m in or the…

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