Essay on My Personal Statement On My Life

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When I was 15, my family and I arrived on United States of America on Feb 11, 2011.Even though I went to an English medium school in India, the transition for me was hard. I began my middle school at IS 72. I met a lot of people and I could not comprehend what they were saying. When I was in my math class, my teacher told me to introduce myself, and I was frozen and did not know what to say to them. I was feeling the pressure because my classmates were staring and waiting for my introduction. My math teacher was using gestures to help me out and I said, "Shown", and I sat. When I reached home, I was embarrassed of myself, and I showed my anger on my parents. I was so depressed but my family kept saying it’s going to be fine. The next day I got scared, got sick, and ended up not going to school. On the following Monday, I had to take my science and math exams, and I bombed them. I told that my parents about it, and they said I have to try hard. One of my worst incidents was when I was in the cafeteria; sitting alone, and a strange kid came to me and asked, "Are you gay?" I did not know what that word stood for, so I nodded yes. He rumored that to his friends and made fun of me. On the following days, students came to me asking me the same question, and I hated my school and the students. After that incident, my English teacher gave me an assignment that I had to complete all my English worksheets, which consisted of grammar, conjugation etc. She gave me a week, but I did…

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