Essay about My Personal Statement On My Life

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I have always felt like I was an “old sole”, and by that I mean I have never felt my age. I always hung around people much older than myself and have gained much insight to what life was all about. I knew what I wanted at 14 and that was to have a child. My passion to be a mom was very strong. With all the negativity that came with this, I was still determined to succeed and at age 16, my son was born. I proved myself to be a good mother. I felt a lot of people didn’t think that I was going to go anywhere in life and here I am now, a nursing student. I have learned a lot from having a child. Having patience, being understanding, and of course to be very caring. In the past few years I feel that I have accomplished so much and I plan on continuing on that path. All of this has made me a very grounded person and a person that I am proud of.
I have always known that I wanted to be someone who cared for other people and I think that stems from my need as I grew up to always try and help my friends and family. My parents taught me in many ways how people should treat one another. We did a lot together and included their friends and mine. I learned to be patient, to share with others, show compassion, and to work together. It may have been with the simple things in life like all the camping, ski days, snow machining, fishing, and ice fishing, but the lessons learned are lifelong and treasured by me.
The saying “patience in a virtue” is something that I think can be…

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