The Relationship Between Trends And Issues In Nursing And Health Care

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Nafisah Abdul Salam
Lehman College
Trends and Issues in Nursing and Health Care 408
Professor Theresa Lundy
May 18th , 2015

This paper explains the relationship between the helping role in nursing and the concept of trust essential to healing. It describes aiding as the moral center of the nurse-patient relationship and reflects how patient’s expectations of help and caring create obligations of trustworthiness on the part of the nurse. Trust is an essential and universal concept found in most aspect of our lives. In clinical nursing, it is an important part of the nurse-patient relationship and also organizationally, trust is associated with various outcomes and levels of effectiveness. The dictionary definition of the word “trust”
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Nursing research helps build the scientific foundation for clinical practice, prevention, and improved patient outcomes. When a nurse is competent, and confidence patient can trust them which leads to adherence and compliance to treatments and consequently reducing readmissions and thereby reducing cost.
As registered nurses, we are taught to look at a patient as a whole person, the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychosocial needs. When the nurse can have a holistic view of a patient, they will comply and provide nurses with the information they need to make informed decisions. Nurses must also recognize that patients are more than a set of symptoms that need to be treated. They are mothers, father and have people who care for them so patients must be treated with respect and dignity.
We serve as patient advocate the interpreter of complex information such as explaining diagnostic tests. We serve as the liaison between physicians, social workers, pharmacists, and other members of the health care team, and sometimes even with family members. We play a fundamental role in coordinating care when a patient is hospitalized and then discharged to home or another healthcare facility so that follow-up appointments, medication needs, and other services are appropriate and carried
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The issue of trust, as mentioned in the article, is an intangible asset the nursing profession has which impact nurses ability to form the meaningful relationship with patients. This, however, has a positive effect on health outcomes. Because legislators like to work with organized groups that have high positions, Nurses can influence the introduction of bills as members of the professional association that lobby Congress. They can call attention to problems in funding health care such as the need for expanded services for the underinsured and underrepresented population in our communities.
As advocates, a nurse must be well informed about the public policy and health policy issues that are currently under consideration at the local and state and federal levels of government. The nurse should have their political resume by being an active member of any professional association and explore opportunities to be involved with the policy and legislative process through volunteer and internship experiences at the local state and federal

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