My Personal Statement For My Doctoral Studies Essay

826 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
I seek to develop holistically as an individual, scholar, colleague, and clinician. At the core of my desire to become a better individual, is my Mother, my lead example. She has done everything in her power to provide me with the opportunity of fulfilling my life goals. I aspire to develop into a scholar I believe knowledge is the single most powerful tool in the world. I aspire to leave a lasting impression as a motivating, lending, and reliable colleague within my cohort to be remembered beyond graduation. Most importantly, I strive to become a skilled, compassionate clinician of my patients and their families in my professional career to come.

In the careful evaluation of my preparedness for my Doctoral studies, I took the time to reflect on grey areas of my undergraduate studies that may have lacked in personal growth. Overly pre-occupied with academic priorities, service commitments, and relational issues with family and friends, I often over-looked my personal wellness. Additionally, I lost footing in my faith and succumbed to the worldly ways of living in the flesh. In this challenging phase of my education, I vow to develop into a principled, spiritually-grounded individual. UIW’s emphasis on structural integrity parallels my intentions for personal growth. Other aspects of personal growth I hope to master in this time is awareness and being engaged in the present. Likewise, I want to keep positivity central in my daily life by replacing feelings of self-doubt…

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