My Personal Reflection On My Academic Career Essay

779 Words Sep 1st, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout my academic career I struggled to find a sense of my own identity. In high school, and early in my college career, I wasn 't sure what I really wanted to pursue in life. I 'd always felt a pressure to succeed from my family, my community, and my peers. I 've never had a strong ethnic or cultural identity, my ancestors come from all over, but I 'm given the sole label “Caucasian”. When I was younger, I felt that it was a disadvantage not having a strong cultural or ethnic identity. I come from a small family, and didn 't have a very big sense of community or identity. But as I 've become older and more aware, I 've realized that being “raceless” was really an advantage. I 've never been labeled because of my race, but I also lacked a sense of self identity. I looked to my diverse group of peers for a sense of identity, but due to my lack of confidence I felt extremely uncertain of myself and my place in the world and began to feel isolated. What did I want to do for the rest of my life? It seemed such a daunting question. After completing high school, I took some time off from academia to figure out what I wanted to do. I bounced between odd jobs, working at fast food restaurants and doing manual labor. I quickly faced the reality that I needed a more meaningful career. When I decided to return to school, I enrolled locally at Bellevue College, and I signed up for classes. At the time, I saw my father 's success in his gainful employment as a Database…

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