My Personal Philosophy Essay

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Personal Philosophy states that philosophy is “The rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.” Even though a philosophy is an opinion someone has, every person in the same working field would be similar. The different may be their input on their philosophy from which they have grown up by. An example of that may be the type of environment a person grew up in or the way his/her parents taught them the way of life when they was younger. Every field of study has their own personal philosophy. The one I would like to live by and use to help me get through my career successfully, is the Athletic Trainer philosophy. According to, “Athletic trainers (ATs) are healthcare
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My role as an athletic trainer is to make sure athletes are healthy when returning to play, not rushing rehab process, maintain clean environment, etc. in order for me to accomplish some of those roles the athlete has to be active during the rehab process and be patient about returning to play. The coach is the main person who’s involved through the process because some tend to put the athlete health second and winning a game first. So they have to understand to not let an injured athlete play to avoid causing more problems and a longer process.
Talking to an athletic trainer, I have learned that working on the professional level will take up all of your time from sun up to sun down, communication is the key to recover being that it is with the player, coaches, and/or physician, and be a good listener. Learning the knowledge in the previous sentence gave me some concerns. The first concern is missing family time by being at work all day. It will be hard to balance out family time with your job when you are at your job most of the day majority of the week. My Second concern is not being able to connect with the athlete, if the athlete does not listen or believe in your work than it will be difficult to get through the rehab process. My last concern is telling an athlete their career is over due to a certain injury that cannot be fixed back to a healthy stage for that sport. One of the reasons I chose this field was to help others and not being able to fully help

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