My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Educational Philosophy
Philosophy of Education
For a student to learn in a fun way, he/she needs a teacher and a role model. As a student, they want to feel wanted in their classroom. They want to be able to share stories with their teacher without feeling any remorse. As a future teacher, I want my students to feel safe while they are at school. I want my students to talk to me when they need it so that they know they can trust me. If they do not feel safe in my classroom, they will not learn as well as they would if they do feel safe in my class. I plan on during the summer when I receive a list of who is in my class to write a letter to each student and parent so they are each able to get to know me before meeting me. By taking time out of my day to write the letters for each student will show parents and students that I enjoy my job and am excited for the new school year with them.
Philosophy of Education
Not only do I want for my students to feel safe, but I also want them to feel a sense of responsibility while they are in my class. I have many plans on what I want to do with my class and how I will show them responsibility. One of my ideas is show them how to be responsible with their money. I will encourage each individual to come to school every day by giving each “buddy bucks”. I believe that having an incentive to come to school will help them. Another way of showing my class responsibility will be with classroom role models. Each week, I want to…

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