My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essays

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Education should aim to emphasis the freedom of the learner to explore different ways of developing their uniqueness and lead them to a greater understanding of themselves. In my personal philosophy of education, I believe that an individual should be learning in all aspects of life and therefore education should aim to provide direction for them to think critical and have self-knowledge. I believe that if individuals are equipped with the type of knowledge which allows them to think about complex ideas by reaching their own conclusions then the information they receive daily can be something that challenges their thinking and they will have a better understanding of their beliefs. They can become confident in fulfilling their innate sense of purpose in the world with a greater understanding of themselves. My personal philosophy in terms of thinking critically and the idea of self- knowledge is closely linked with that of Plato and Socrates. In their philosophy, Plato and Socrates rejected the idea of second hand information, which is taken from other sources rather than coming from within an individual’s mind (Gutek, 2011, pp 30-49). In the same way I believe that education should aim to encourage the learner to find meaning in what they consider to be truth. A learner that understands themselves stays true to themselves, they know and understand their own limits, this means that they can pursue their unique strengths and achieve their purpose (Gutek, 2011, pp 30-49).…

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